2016 Lane's BBQ Holiday Shopping Deals Guide for Barbecue Rubs and Sauces

Week of Thanks: Nov 20-28

Special Promotions begin Sunday Night at 10pm ET

It's almost our favorite week of the ENTIRE YEAR – The Lane's BBQ Week of Thanks!! Some stores only do Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday discounts. Not us! We are making it a WHOLE WEEK. But we know it can be overwhelming to figure out what you want. So we've made it easy with our holiday shopping guide for our rubs, sauces, giftsets and grilling gear.


 The New "Woozy" Mini Sauce Bottles Giftset

The New "Woozy" Mini Sauce Bottles Giftset

This includes:

  • ***NEW*** Lane's BBQ Complete Set of Woozy Sauces (5-pack of mini bottles)
  • Lane's BBQ Complete Set of Rubs and Sauces
  • Lane's BBQ Complete Set of Rubs (6-pack)
  • Lane's BBQ Complete Set of Sauces (5-pack)
  • Lane's BBQ Rub/Sauce Gift Set (Sweet+White or Southbound+Vinegar)
  • Lane's BBQ Standard Rub Set (5-pack)
  • Lane's BBQ Chicken Wing Gift Set
  • Lane's BBQ Mix & Match Rub Set (4-pack)

Black Friday Exclusive

We have a secret up our sleeves that you're gonna love to have that will ONLY be available for 24 hours on Black Friday. We'll leak this info soon and update it on social media and on this page.


House Divided returns black friday only

It's back! And it'll only be available on Black Friday for 24 hours. 





Cyber Monday SUPER Exclusive

You know how hard it is to keep a secret?? We're dying to tell you about this one. It's a specific item that will be available ONLY on Cyber Monday (Nov 28). It's so TOP SECRET not even the secret service or the president knows about it! Seriously, you don't want to miss it.

***Note, I would highly recommend to go ahead and purchase other items BEFORE waiting until Cyber Monday. You don't have to wait to take advantage of our other discounts.***


Sauce Specials

BIG savings on half-gallon sizes for Itsa Vinegar and Southbound Mustard Sauce.


Extra Bonuses + Sweepstakes

  • For every $50 you spend during the ENTIRE Week of Thanks, you'll get one new entry to win our Taste of Georgia Gift Basket ($100 value).
  • Every purchase over $80 will receive the NEW CD release by Joel Goddard.
Posted on November 18, 2016 .